An Overview of the Superfruit Diet and Garcinia Cambogia

Every time you flip open a magazine or turn on the news, a brand new diet is being promoted. How can you differentiate what’s effective from what’s trendy, though? How do you know if a diet is healthy?

Just because certain diets can help you lose weight, they’re not necessarily good for you. When Dr. Oz began promoting superfruits and the SDF-3 diet, though, people listened. Trusting the source is a huge part of choosing to follow a particular diet, and viewers love and trust Dr. Oz.

The Superfruit Diet Formula, also referred to as SDF-3, is taking the world by storm. Since it’s gotten a recent boost from raspberry ketone and garcinia cambogia, it’s become even more popular. Even is a big believer in garcinia cambogia. SDF-3 is designed to help people lose weight using a mix of natural ingredients (including also green coffee extract)… but that’s not all.

The creator of the Superfruit Diet also designed it to improve people’s health thanks to superfruits like African mango and the acai berry. 

Green coffee extract is one of the superfruits used in the diet because it keeps the body from absorbing fat. African mango helps people to control their hunger, meaning they’ll eat less over time. The acai berry keeps hunger at bay as well while burning fat and stimulating your metabolism. Raspberry ketone helps to burn fat and is one of Dr. Oz’s personal favorites when it comes to superfruits.

The best part of raspberry ketone is that it helps people to burn fat no matter what their body type.

The original Superfruits Diet worked wonders for followers. Singularly, superfruits are beneficial, but combining them makes them even more powerful. By adding raspberry ketone to the diet, it’s only going to work better for people. Raspberries have been a part of the healthcare industry for decades, mainly because they’re a great source of antioxidants.

Only recently, though, has it been discovered that they can aid in weight loss efforts, too.

Dr. Oz is a trustworthy source for all things health related. Plus, his team researches products in depth before he promotes them on his show. If he stands behind the new Superfruit Diet, you can rest assured that it’s healthy and effective. There’s no secret to losing weight – eating healthy foods in proper portions is key. With the Superfruit Diet, not only are you adding healthy foods into your daily routine, but you’re also focusing on foods that help burn fat while reducing food cravings.